Entitlement Standards/Solution/Encoding/Documents

Resource Documents

Aggregated Resources
When resource collections are aggregated into shared documents, the associated tagging information is required and its integration requires specification for compatibility.

External Entitlement
While documents typically carry their tagging information, but this information could also be provided separately, e.g. separate files and streams.

Document Agent Conformance
The main requirement is that, in any case, compliant agents (applications) prevent access to (e.g. not decrypting) documents or sections of documents without the proper credentials.

Document Compatibility
Documents are crucial to sharing and collaboration. Entitlement specifications are crucial to compatible document sharing.

Policy Exchange
XACML is a standard format for exchanging business rules and policies. Entitlement environments should support XACML import and export, especially for business level rules and policy exchange. Designed as a policy exchange specification and not for universal content sharing, with rules and policies not directly linked to resources, not considering resource object entitlement, and requiring serious overhead for scalable high-performance run-time processing, XACML is not specified for internal REMMS use.