Entitlement Standards/Solution/Management/Interfaces

REMMS Interfaces

Resource Authentication
User resources are required to authenticate to REMMS environments, REMMS specifies a default authentication service. REMMS also specify an interface to support other external authentication standards and solutions, e.g. LDAP, X500, SAML, database.

Information Encryption
REMMS specify a rich expandable interface to external or existing encryption solutions. REMMS do not specify an internal encryption schema for REMMS environments. REMMS environments are required to support evolving encryption solutions, for information sharing, access, and storage. REMMS encryption interface specifications also support existing standards, e.g. SSL, PKI.

Built-in Legacy Information Support
In addition to entitled resources, REMMS specify built-in processing of common legacy (non-entitled) information formats, e.g. SQL, csv, ical, HL7, EDI). The corresponding default built-in content-handlers to convert legacy information dynamically to/from XML, from which it is then further transformed as required.

Plug-in Legacy Information Support
REMMS also specify plug-in content-handler interfaces allowing dynamic, structured, and conforming integration support for the massive custom legacy information formats that remains available. Entry and exit content-handlers dynamically convert legacy information to/from basic XML, from which information is then further transformed as required.