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Resource Policies

Rules & Policies
Rules and policies apply conditions to resources and resource groups, often also based on context and state information, as well as on other linked resources, tagged content and associated meta-data.

Resource Attributes and Relations
The most natural and efficient way to define the rules and policies is by attaching their conditions to the appropriate resources, including resource groups, types, and meta-data.

Run-Time Policy Language
An efficient selection and condition language specification is required to express and execute the rules and policies, with access to all related content (e.g. resources, context, meta-data).

Luckily, such a language already exists as a major standard today, readily available, providing extensive flexibility, and efficient run-time performance: XPath.

While business rules and policies can also be defined in various business rules languages (e.g. SBVR, XACML), these definitions should map to the REMMS XPath representation for execution, portability, and efficiency. (see also 7c. Policy Exchange).

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See alsoPolicy Exchange.