Entitlement Standards/Solution/Management/Tracking

Semantic Resource Quality Tracking

Information Traceability
To ensure traceability, audit, and integrity, all resource accesses need to be tracked and logged with profile, request, context, and effective content. Audit compatibility requires resource access tracking and logging specification.

Tracking Qualities
In addition to resource access tracking, any resource quality or attribute can be calculated from a query/formula, using (e.g. tracking) "tracked" factors, attributes, or qualities. Any attribute can be enabled for tracking. Resource qualities like achievement, performance, security, and QOS, can be defined and tracked.

Resource Qualities
All the qualities that are used to define services are resource qualities and services are other resource types. Resource qualities are crucial for servicenegotiation, governance, orchestration, management and modeling.

Resources are all that we manage, things, beings, concepts. Resources have natural patterns like relations, processes, and qualities.

This section proposes structure and integration in a flexible and natural model, defining integrated concept, infrastructure, and application level specifications for Qualities like NFPs or SOA services evaluation.

More importantly, it puts qualities where they naturally belong and where they are most relevant, efficient, and manageable: on the resources that they qualify.

With an adjusted perspective, taking a wide view, and better considering issues at stake, as well as existing specifications (e.g. OMG's QoS) and OMG SOA Governance work, this section considers tracking and qualities.

Specifications briefly summarizes, the proposed RQ specifications' what & how. Resources and Qualities first introduce context and objects for these specifications (e.g. NFP, KPI, QoS, FP, qualitative properties).

Action Items summarizes a proposed sequence of following steps. The other sections present more specification considerations including some on why these specifications are required.